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The construction is a restored large house from 1898, steeped in history, built by General Pando when he returned from the Cuban War who chose this idyllic place for his retirement. Next to this house, taking advantage of the old winery and half-buried, is the "Bodega Perahigos", completely integrated into the landscape, in perfect harmony with nature with the intention of causing the least possible impact on the environment. Here we will elaborate our small and exclusive production and here we will taste these wines that express all the idiosyncrasies typical of this privileged and unique area.


Our winery is built to accompany the landscape and merge with it, with sustainable and ecological criteria. To the east the Sierra de Bejar, to the west the Peña de Francia, to the north the Salamanca meadow and to the south the Valle de las Batuecas: biosphere reserve and magical place. A winery where to live, where to relax, where to enjoy. We wait for you at Perahigos. Meanwhile, we invite you to have a glass of good wine.


With this comprehensive project, vineyard and winery, where we control all the process of production not to move us away in any moment of our philosophy of quality, sustainable development and defense of the biodiversity of this land, we pretend to contribute for the recognition to the history of the inhabitants of this region who, century after century, have known how to respect this unique envi- ronment. This is a way to give back our land everything it nicely, gene- ration after generation, has given to us.


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